My Favorite Displacement Activity

Time has been rather tight lately. I'm trying to get my website live by Monday night, and it isn't looking good although I've essentially locked myself in my bedroom which doubles, conveniently, as an office. Okay, so it's not that convenient as my rather comfy bed is always in site! (Ah!HA!Ha! get it? Bad joke...I know) Sweet slumber aside, I've found a rather more interesting way of diverting my attention from work when things in my head begin to get a bit...well...fluffy. The chain of events goes something like this...

1. Thought 1: Hmm...I've been staring at this computer screen for an awfully long time. I think I'm thirsty. Maybe I'll go downstairs for a glass of water.
2. Thought 2: Well, I need a break anyway. Let's see what it says on the internet about baking.
3. Action 1: I've inevitably printed out a recipe by now.
4. Thought 3: Well I'll just have to try this later. When I have more time.
5. Action 2: I walk downstairs to "get a drink" with the intention of returning to work soon after.
6. Action 3: I wander into the kitchen and around the corner to my cupboard where I peruse the contents of my shelves and take mental notes of what exists and what seems to be missing. For shopping later, right?
7. Thought 4: How convenient. I actually have the ingredients I need to make this! How neat.
8. Thought 5: I really should get back to work...
9. Action 4: Gather ingredients and make something.

Baking has become my new favorite displacement activity. Which would be fine, but you'd think my flatmates would encourage me to get back to work, right? Oh no, this little habit has become quite popular in our household so instead of "Hey Autumn, don't you have a 11 minute film and a 6,000 word essay to finish?" I get "So, what are you actively displacing today? It smells great!"

Faddling aside, I have been very busy, and Rita's been very patient with my overall absence and failure to post anything! I do actually have loads of work to crank out, so everyone will have to be satisfied with photos from the latest bouts of displacement activity. Although the midnight brownies from last night were too spur of the moment to get photographed.

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