Tale of the Exploding Kitchen

Of Sourdough and Exploding Kitchens
by Autumn

This is what we looked like when we returned home to discover our kitchen had exploded all over our living room...

Our flat has been "under construction" for the past two weeks. Last week we found ourselves cloistered upstairs while the stairwell was re-wallpapered. This week we returned home from our weekly Farmer's Market run to discover that our kitchen had somehow managed to explode. That is to say, we didn't really have a kitchen. Or a living room which happens to double as our dining room. Oh the horror! The workers had taken down the kitchen cabinet and moved it and its contents into our living room which was already filled to capacity with the usual odd assortment of things like the worker's tools and supplies, a stunning collection of five bicycles, assorted boxes, my bread machine, and the odd bit of furniture. We were too distraught to take photos, but you can just imagine the chaos that might exist if, for instance, your kitchen was to suddenly come alive and spew its contents all over your living room.

There was good news, however! I'd managed to pick up the beginnings of a sourdough bread starter from one of the bread stands at the market. The mother was originally spelt-based. Unfortunately, I have been unable to find spelt flour at our local ASDA. I opted for rye flour, and since I'm used to rye sourdough anyway, I've been using that. This is what my starter looks like a couple of days after it was brought home.

It smells lovely and gets lots of little funny bubbles. And that's fantastic because it means it's doing what it's supposed to! Rita and I have named it Timmy. Timmy the Sourdough Starter. Teeny Tiny Timmy. Yes, we have a somewhat peculiar habit of naming things. Somehow Charles Dickens' Christmas Carol entered the equation. So if we lovingly discuss Timmy, chances are we're referring to the sourdough starter and not some male acquaintance.

Did I mention that I've discovered my camera can take macro shots? Somehow I missed that when I failed to read the manual. Did I also mention that I've had this camera for years?

Common Loaf Bakery

These fine folks are the ones who were generous enough to give me little, baby Timmy in a jar. Based in Dunkeswell, Devon, the bakery specializes in a Mediterranean and yeast free sourdough breads as well as a selection of cookies to satisfy your sweet tooth. Many of their products use spelt and rye flours instead of the more commonly used wheat flours. Rita and I were lucky enough to get samples of their Chocolate Chip cookies and Spiced Fruit Buns. The fruit buns are one of our favorites, and we can't go to the farmer's market without saying hello to our friends at Common Loaf and picking up a few lovely buns to bring home!

For more information, you can visit Common Loaf Bakery's website

Photo and Artwork by Autumn

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